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Promotional Essentials

At Tony Crutcher Ltd we believe that when it comes to marketing your business the following are essential:

  • An up to date website with an automatic resize function for tablets and different screen sizes.
  • Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Public relations and social media carried out both professionally and frequently.

A typical merchant or fenestration retailer with one outlet can achieve between 1,000 to 2,000 unique visitors to their website per month without the need for pay per click advertising or any other indirect advertising revenue.

In our experience, even without internet trading, it is possible to secure substantial orders through enquiries generated through your website and so any investment will easily pay for itself. Well-built and managed websites only play a part in the success of web traffic and brand building and there are a lot of marketing disciplines that need to be followed based on a principle of “honest trading” should you wish website traffic to increase.

From experience Tony Crutcher Ltd would caution link building and “quick fix” solutions to artificially push up traffic as these practices can be counter-productive.

One outlet retailer of conservatory, windows and doors can achieve around 9 organic website leads per month with a conversion rate of 1 in 4 and an average converted lead of £3,600 whilst a builders merchant with one just one branch and without internet trading can achieve around 5 leads per day with a mean order value of between £100 to £200 and occasionally in excess of £2,000.

HTML Email Marketing
Tony Crutcher Ltd believes that £1 spent in marketing must go as far as it can and so when we create marketing content we can use it through multiple channels. HTML marketing emails are one way of ‘sweating’ that content, as just about any piece of design or content can be sent out to a targeted audience. We then use the reports to give you feedback about the success of the campaign. HTML email marketing can be a method of measuring interest in an offering.

Newsletters are a great way of brand building and a cost effective way of communication. They are another way of communicating and reinforcing your brand attributes.

Public Relations
Once the marketing communication objective has been determined and brand attributes are established, it is imperative to carry out public relations. Once created Tony Crutcher Ltd’s team uses multiple channels to ‘sweat the asset’ as shown in this diagram below.

This becomes an efficient body of relevant words and phrases that helps to capture website traffic. It’s worth pointing out that Tony Crutcher Ltd’s experienced public relations specialists are acutely aware of the need to write in a way that not only serves the need for good public relations but to write content that helps optimise website traffic.

Promotional Merchandise
Promotional items can help with brand building, attracting new business and retaining existing customers. Whenever promotional goods are being developed, a company should have a specific objective in mind. Promotional merchandise should not be thought of as “give-aways” or “freebies” but used to create low cost ways of creating awareness of what you want to communicate.

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