Telesales And Email Promotion

Sadly promotional activity among merchants is not as good as it could be and as a result we are slow to react to change.
In our industry, customers still place orders to manufacturers by fax. If we don’t embrace change quickly enough we may miss out on best form of promotion. Many merchants, for example, don’t use email promotion, because they don’t have a database of email addresses. The first thing to do is to make sure you have the ability to carry out whatever part of the promotional mix you need so that you don’t limit your business to a narrow promotional mix.

In a recent LinkedIn survey we carried out, telesales was favoured second to external sales in the promotional mix and after nearly thirty years in external sales and marketing we are inclined to agree. Telesales can work but it shouldn’t be used as a standalone promotional activity because it is both costly and time consuming. Telesales can also be a promotional activity that annoys potential customers so must be treated with caution. The other downside of telesales is that people who you want to reach may not be available to speak to and so your costs go up as you repeat phone calls. As an observation it is often the case that people who are insistent on telesales never do the role themselves. However telesales used in a limited way after an email promotion can work very well!

If you use an email promotion (HTML) with online software you can send out a message to say 1000 people and within minutes see how many opened the email and how long they were on there. At this point you could telephone the people who have shown an interest in the promotion, cutting your telesales costs and improving conversion.

This type of email campaign works because you can focus the message to a certain group of people. For example one of my builders’ merchant clients wanted to promote a new landscaping area to a group of customers. We purchased a database and sent out an HTML raising the awareness of the new landscaping area. Typically, if the timing is good and the message is relevant for your target audience, you could achieve an open rate of 400 for every 1000 sent out. We would advise contacting those who opened your email by telephone.

The cost of sending out an email is between 1p and 5p with design costs for the initial advertisement of around £180.

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